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Why the GFA settled on Baker Tilly Andah & Andah as new Auditors

The Ghana Football Association through its 26th Ordinary Congress, has approved Baker Tilly Andah & Andah, a private accounting and auditing firm to be their new auditors for the next three years.

The decision was taken during the GFA’s 26th Ordinary Congress held at Prampram on Tuesday, September 1.

The Ghana FA’s Executive Council began the process for selecting an auditor, five months ago and requested interested firms to register their interests formally. Additionally, the country’s football governing body extended letters to some selected high profile audit firms to enquire about their interest concerning the available role.

Among them include international audit firms, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY), and Deloitte. Subsequently, the GFA got a response from two, namely KPMG and PwC.

According to a document from the GFA, KPMG responded that, they had a lot on their hands therefore wouldn’t be able to serve as the FA’s auditor while PWC indicated that they couldn’t handle the role because they were directly in charge of FIFA’s.

Throughout this period, the Ghana FA got responses from some local auditing firms and per a set criteria they pruned the list to 3; focusing on areas such as profile of companies, auditing fees and terms and technical know-how.

The three selected companies; namely Mazars Ghana, Baker Tilly Andah & Andah, and B. Omani Antwi Consult had their documents forwarded to the Ghana FA’s Finance Committee for analysis and subsequently to the Executive Council for consideration.

The Assesment Criteria used by the GFA to look at the proposals of the three firms centered on Technical Knowledge, Auditing Fees, Experience and Payment Terms.

For the Initial Auditing Fees, Mazars Ghana were charging GH₵50,000, Baker Tilly Andah & Andah were also charging GH₵45,000 while B. Omani Antwi Consult were charging the least figure; GH₵ 21,358.50.

As regards the payment terms, Mazars Ghana were taking 50% upfront, 30% in the middle of the works and 20% upon completion of audit. For Baker Tilly Andah, they offered to take 50% before starting and the remaining 50% after audit.
B. Omani Antwi Consult did not provide details on payment terms.

For experience and technical know-how, the GFA specifically mentioned Baker Tilly Andah as having done auditing works on a football related project; The Right to Dream Foundation and this played a crucial role in choosing them as auditors.

After analysing all the criteria of assessment, the Ghana FA scored Baker Tilly Andah 35, the highest marks hence placing them and number one on their top three list submitted to delegates before Congress.

Mazars Ghana had 30 points, coning second while B. Omani Antwi Consult had 29.

In summarising why Baker Tilly Andah & Andah was selected, the Ghana FA mentioned that they had the overall audit experience as well as being the only company with sports and football audit background.


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